Monday, July 24, 2017

Symbolism of jasmine flowers

Being the national flower of many Asian countries, jasmine flowers are said to bring auspicious occasions in their cultures. These flowers are brought from distant places in weddings to adorn the bride heavily. Intertwined jasmine strings beautify the bride’s hair spreading fragrance everywhere. In temples, deities are garlanded with jasmine flowers. Their sensuous nature makes them romantic and they are symbols of love, attachment, beauty and hope. By naming girls with ‘Jasmine’, feminine beauty is much more glorified.

In Cambodia, jasmine flowers are paid as homage to Sri Buddha. Jasmine tea is very popular in China. There is a song for jasmine flowers in Chinese ‘hao yi duo mo li hua’ that I love to hear though I don’t know the language. In Hawaii, the lei are made by stringing jasmine flowers.
In the state Tamil Nadu in India, almost all ladies adorn hair with jasmine strings early in the morning. It is said that women get a long, happy married life by doing so.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Yamunakalyani raga for Sri Krishna songs in Carnatic Music

Krishna..Image credit: San Sharma CC-BY via flickr

During my voyage in the endless sea of Carnatic Music, I noticed that Raga Yamunakalyani features most of the songs composed on Sri Krishna. This may be because of Sri Krishna’s close association with the river Yamuna in Mathura. Sri Krishna’s childhood was spent on the banks of the river Yamuna with his gopis.  
Raga Yamunakalyani always gives me the feel of Sri Krishna playing his flute.  ‘Krishna Nee begane baaro’ song really drifts the listener away to Gokulam with a sharp touch here and there in this raga.  ‘Radha Sametha Krishna’, ‘Bhavayami gopalabalam’, ‘Narayana Hari’ all are some dulcet songs in the raga Yamunakalyani on Sri Krishna.
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Friday, July 7, 2017

Historic tourist spots of Munnar with Westwood Riverside Garden Resort in Kerala

Image credit:By Kerala Tourism [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

My earlier post discusses the important natural attractions of Munnar in its vicinity. But there are some mind-blowing sites that have acquired historical prominence in this bounty of nature. These untouched, rustic spots still preserve the old world charm. Let’s have a look at them.

  1. Sitadevi Lake, Devikulam
This divine lake amidst luscious scenery filled with twitters of songbirds is believed to be sacred with curative powers. It is said that Goddess Sita, wife of Lord Rama took bath in it when she stayed in the nearby forests. Visitors drink water from this lake to get cured if they’ve some kind of illness.
  1. Pallivasal
Pallivasal dam and waterfalls attract many tourists situated at about 10km from Munnar. It is the first hydroelectric project in Kerala.
  1. Chithirapuram
This quaint countryside near to Pallivasal still possesses the ambience of colonial period. Old cottages and mansions surrounded by green forests and tea plantations is what Chithirapuram is all about.
4. Chinnakanal
Situated at a distance of about 18km from Munnar, Chinnakanal anchors several hotels and tea estates. The view of Munnar tea plantations and the entire horizon is best caught from this point of interest. The major attraction is the waterfalls located here.
  1. Tata tea museum
Distant about 12km from Munnar, this museum has a collection of antiques related to tea processing that are a century-old. Visitors can taste different variety of tea and tea processing with CTC and orthodox manufacturing units can be studied here.
  1. Anayirangal dam
    Anayirangal dam: Image
This is a hill station about 22 km from Munnar. Perhaps, it arranges the exclusive panorama that a nature lover wishes for.
  1. Kolukkumalai tea estate
This tea estate and factory is regarded as the world’s highest reputed one as it is situated at about 8000 feet above the sea level. A ridge anchors this factory that is situated at a distance of about 35km from Munnar.

8. Top Station
            It is the topmost point of Munnar. Top Station was the transshipment location for delivering the tea  processed from Munnar to Kottagudi through railway and rope way down. When blue bells (Neelakurinji) blossom, this point gets teemed with many of its bunches that make people to call it “Neelakurinjimala” in regional language, Malayalam.

 Abounded with natural spots of historical prominence and other attractions, Munnar occupies a      dignified place among the tourist spots of Kerala.

Westwood Riverside Garden Resort
Image credit:
In 2002 December, our trip to Munnar was organized with a stay in Westwood Riverside Garden Resort facing a lake. It was indeed a pleasant stay because of its location in a colorful and charming ambience.  The room service and the food served from the restaurant were too good. Munnar holidays give me a delightful memoir together with the warmth of the stay in Westwood Riverside Garden Resort.

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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Advantages of Removal Companies over Personal Removal

Image credit:By
lee bristol, CC-BY via flickr

There may be occasions when we have to transfer to a new place. Moving things to the new place is not an easier process when you try to do it personally. There may be heavy furniture, electrical appliances and other valuable items to move. Now there are so many removal companies that we can hire in the market for moving. Home removal company is focused in moving homely items whereas office removal company moves office furniture along-with staffs without disrupting the office business.  Some removal companies offer international moves too.  There are so many advantages of removal companies over personal removal.
Removal companies have strong manpower to help you in planning your space and in sorting things categorically. They can disassemble your furniture quickly thereby saving time. Packing is done with extreme care considering the nature of your item whether it is soft or hard.  A moving company has the right logistic methods to deliver packages to your destination without damage. Also they have insurance coverage policies to pay you for the loss if any of the item gets broken while delivery, something that you won’t get when you personally do it. Removal companies can ease you from the job of botheration and they let you sit back taking the whole responsibility.
Of course personal removal can save you a lot of money as you don’t have to depend upon removal companies. You have to sort items, pack and store them in the vehicle yourself.  Doing all these alone require lots of time and you won’t reach your destination on time. If you don’t have the right type of vehicle to accommodate all of your items, you will have to make several trips to the new location in order to move them. If the distance is too long, you will get fed up of travel, as a result of which you would fall sick. After reaching your new place, again you have to unpack the goods and find space to locate them properly.  You will start thinking that you could have gone for the removal companies, instead of undertaking the whole project yourself.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Baby Prams as a Care-taker for Your Baby

Image credit:By CC-BY via flickr
When you have to go out for a shopping or for some other purposes, you can’t leave your baby at home alone.  In such cases, you will need a care-taker for your baby.  But the innovations in technology have given a solution for this and there comes a baby pram carriage. A baby pram carriage can look after your baby giving comfort when you are doing shopping in a mall or a store. A lightweight carrycot baby carriage is attached to this baby pram which will provide your child with utmost comfort. This kind of baby pram can meet all your child's transportation needs from 3 months and up.
The design with which baby prams or baby carriage prams come is customized to provide comfort and a smooth ride. Hence it can be called sometimes as a Travel System. One brand Inglesina makes English-style baby carriage prams for over four decades.  The carriage is handcrafted with quality materials in different colors such as blue, white, brown and chocolate.  The contemporary baby carriage prams brand Micralite is a travel system that is compact and ergonomic. The maneuverability that Micralite baby carriages prams provide is great and can be easily folded. The chunky rear wheels can be detached and these kinds of baby prams are ‘all-terrain’ models because of pneumatic tires.
The modern baby prams have lightweight and are easy to handle. You can always keep a watchful eye on your baby when you are in the shop selecting items. There are antique baby carriage prams too, which can give the elegance and style to your strolling system.  They might be expensive as they are made from antiques with beautiful designs. A baby pram or a baby carriage pram has found its own place in our households with its exclusive features and functions.

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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

All-time trends of fashion industry

Image credit:By PIX Fav CC-BY via flickr
Fashion is contemporary and some people have more interest in the new styles of clothing and jewelry. Changing lives with changes in fashion has always been an essential part for so many people and they consider it as a privilege. Staying on top of fashion is definitely tough, but for those who are rich can afford to such changes and fashion goes with them on.  However, some styles of clothing are all time trends and they are preferred by many. Let’s have a glimpse of some of them that have captured the minds of us.
Plain stuffs
Plain white color is an all time favorite for everyone as it goes with any tee-shirt or a top with jeans or a top with a midi.  These stuffs still maintain their simplicity and fashion by giving a sober look that is decent.  Plain stuffs can even conquer hearts of those who may always look for vibrant colors and colored prints.  Plaids also look stylish with plain colors and go with all age groups.
Painted works
Some dresses have got fabric paints in them. If you are a drawing artist, you can choose the color combo for your dress and get them painted in the manner you want. This gives an opportunity for you to get your desired color combination instead of going for those blurred or faded colors.  Painted works in sarees or chudidars that are worn in Asia give a royal look but are very costly.
Patch worked jeans also have always won the minds of people. What is great about patchwork is even when you stand among crowds, you will seem outstanding.  Wearing a leather or suede jacket and patchwork jeans as a combination looks great and trendy like pairing the jeans with a plain tee-shirt.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Adding Elegance with Display Cabinets

Image credit:I, Quadell ,CC-BY-SA-3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

We remember the time when we used a showcase for displaying our valuable things and handicrafts.  With the advent of smart homes, this trend has changed and display cabinets have dominated their place.  Display cabinets come around in a variety of sizes and designs. Price also varies according to its size.  Mostly the front end or a side of living room is being captured by a display cabinet. It has various shelves and drawers organized with specific space and glides for leveling. Some have the center space to accommodate TV or some other display device.  Shelves can be lighted to reflect the charm of the showcasing items during night time.
Display cabinets are the well refined showcases for exhibiting our collection of precious items such as hand made crafts, pottery and memorable things.  There are several types of display cabinets such as glass display cabinet, corner display cabinet, curio display cabinet etc.  Unused corner spaces are utilized with corner display cabinets to display our rewards or lifelong achievements. They come around in the form of wall mounted cabinets, full height and half height cabinets. Some have shelves with full length glass doors, some others have shelves with solid doors in the top and bottom and glass doors in the middle.  Small items can be kept inside solid doors and those which catch our attention should be kept in the middle rack.
Display cabinets can store our precious items from catching dust.  It is a massive furniture housing most of our important collections. Catering to the customer needs, tailor-made cabinets are also available in the market today. This furniture comes with teak wood, mahogany and many other types of woods. Display cabinets provide a wonderful display of all of our valuable items and add to the elegance of the living room.