Sunday, December 21, 2014

An Evening on The Banks of Backwaters in Kerala

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Though this canal or small backwaters lie near to my native home, I had never gone to lure its rustic, tranquil, natural sights.  The only reminiscing event is the ride in the traditional, small, wooden boat to cross this canal as a kid with my father. Also sometimes he used to take me in his bicycle through the road on the banks of this backwaters that is stretched longer.

During my last visit, I took my kid to spare sometime here. Though he loves to be in the beach rather than in rivers or backwaters, he accompanied me and spent time throwing stones into the canal in the hope that some fish may jump up. I sat near to him under the shade of a tree that stood on its bank. The green foliage spread across the river on top really drifted me to my dreamy destination.

Then we saw a 'Kettuvallom' or a small row boat of Kerala-built. Carrying some traditional accessories, it was passing by. The kid then started crying to get into it and have a ride. But I didn't have enough guts to move across the river in such a small, open boat and I slowly diverted his mind to something else.

I returned back home with a blissful mind as it was a surreal experience for me. Kerala backwaters is a precious jewel in a sea of endless treasures and the souvenir of visiting it is invariably refreshing.

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