Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Rajesh Vaidya's seven strings concert in Margazhi Utsavam, Jaya TV, 2014

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This Monday evening, Sri Rajesh Vaidya's seven strings concert telecasted by Jaya TV was so raving that it was a musical rejoice for the craving minds, reverberating. The accompanying instruments such as Keyboard, Mridangam, Tabla, and Ghatam also were harmoniously played with Veenai, the seven strings instrument.

Starting with a Slokam, Sri Rajesh Vaidya stringed notes on Karnaranjani raga that were resounding. The various ways with which the raga was detailed together with the keyboard exalted my mind to the higher altitudes of a stressless, comforting world of imagination.

'Telisirama' in the raga Poornachandrika truly depicted our Carnatic music tradition of opulent beauty. 'Sudhamayi' song in Amruthavarshini raga also was a shower of rains. But 'Raghuvamsa' in Kadanakuduhalam slightly gave a variation from this as the raga itself resembles Western Music. Instrument keyboard also added to this nuances in perception.

Jaya TV telecasted only this much of the brilliant concert by Sri Rajesh Vaidya though there was edited clips of 'Nagumo' and a song set in Mandu raga displayed to allure music lovers. It would have been an ethereal experience if we were given the fortune to watch such divine, rejoicing concerts fully by the telecasting channels.

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