Thursday, February 26, 2015

The alluring Athirapally waterfalls in Kerala tours

Image credit:  By Joseph JoyC, CC-BY via flickr

The mesmeric view of a waterfalls always refreshes us with its silver strings of water gushing out of rocks surrounded by green woods. I had the fortune of visiting Athirapally waterfalls with one of my cousins during my college days in Kerala. I highly cherish each moment that I spent in this naturally woven exemplary place with love and pleasure.

Athirapally falls is the largest waterfalls in Kerala located amidst the towering greenery of Sholayar. The journey to reach the top of the waterfalls in rocky beds itself is thrilling. Dense greenery of the rainforests and the dark narrow passage lead to the widely spread pools of water from where water falls down from a height of 80 feet with silver parallel streams. During monsoon, Athirapally waterfalls reaches its acme of beauty with high volume of water falling down the rocks forming foams and mists.

The Athirappally Falls is a part of the Chalakudy River, originating in Western Ghats. The rainforests of Sholayar form the towering green foliage for this falls that has different kinds of flora and fauna. Several rare, endangered species of birds have made their home in Athirapally waterfalls.This wild beauty of nature would always pamper you in your memories once you visit it.

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  1. Nice post. Inspiring enough to desire a visit to that place.

    A suggestion about such posts on esoteric tourist delights. You could add information such as the following:
    a) When is the best time to visit?
    b) How to reach?
    c) Where and how long to stay?
    d) What to bring - such as warm clothing etc.?
    e) What to expect in the stay in terms of experiences, purchases and people?

    Hope it makes sense.

    1. Hi Venkat,
      Thanks for the comment and suggestion. I would include these info in travel articles I write in future.