Thursday, March 5, 2015

Lakes of Srinagar in Kashmir Valley

The summer capital of Kashmir Valley, Srinagar, is the heart of Kashmir, the nature’s bounty. Placid lakes, magnificent Mughal gardens, religious worship centers scattered across and moreover, the salubrious climate reveal the fact that ‘Sri’, meaning Goddess of Lakshmi in Hinduism, dwells here. Major lakes crisscrossing this city are:

1. Dal Lake:
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The jewel in the crown of Kashmir, Dal Lake is situated amidst the city of Srinagar. Shikara boats are the major attraction of this lake that let you cruise through it. Florist Shikaras carrying flowers glide past selling the bright colored flowers of Kashmir. Moored houseboats and Mughal gardens surround this water beauty, Dal Lake. Floating gardens called as ‘Rad’ in Kashmiri are blooms of lotus that spring during July and August also add color to this lake.

2. Nagin Lake

This tranquil lake connected to Dal is more enjoyed by a nature lover. It is untouched by the city life and lotus flowers blossom abundantly in this lake during the season.

3. Manasbal Lake

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This lake is located at a distance of about 30 km from Srinagar. It got its name from Manasarovar Lake. Apart from lotus blooms, many species of aquatic birds stamp here that is a favorite of birdwatchers. This awards it the sobriquet, Supreme gem of all Kashmir Lakes.
The splendor of these lovely lakes has attracted many Bollywood movies to be shot here. Dal Lake and its stately Shikaras have been chosen as the backdrop of romantic movies which the mind recalls when writing this article.

Sunrise, Dall Lake, Kashmir

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