Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Roja movie of love and patriotism

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I remember seeing this movie on DD channel on Independence and Republic Days with a lot of frenzy in the past. Roja movie featuring some of the melodious evergreen songs has a wonderful patriotic story conjured up with a little romance. The beauty, natural magic in the act and the exemplary direction together have drifted up this movie to attain international acclaim winning the best film award for National Integration.

Under the direction of Tamil Director Mani Ratnam, actors Arvind Swamy and Madhoo (Madhubala) have done their all time best in this evergreen movie Roja. A.R.Rehman’s scintillating music direction is an incentive that makes the film attached to our hearts once seen. Chinna chinna Aasai and Kathal Rojave became super hits that I love singing always. This Tamil film got dubbed in many regional languages; Marathi, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi.

The first part of the movie is the meeting of lovers in a village and events leading to their marriage. Arvind Swamy then gets an order to head to Kashmir as he is a Govt. servant. There he gets captured by the terrorists and the climax of the movie changes to a different chapter there onwards. He struggles against the terrorists and his patriotism along with the true love for his wife in separation becomes the iconic part of the movie then. His wife Madhoo also portrays her character with much agony and continues her journey to meet the higher personnel of the nation for the release of her husband. Her innocent character of a village girl and the eternal love towards her husband is another plus feature of this movie Roja.

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  1. Madhoo's innocence is endearing in the movie ...

  2. Yes Venkat, her acting is so superb that it seems to be natural..