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Sea world attractions of North Male Atoll in Maldives

North Male atoll  Image credit: By rolando000 CC-BY, via flickr
Maldives in Indian Ocean is broken up into several atolls of underwater mysteries and attractions. Of them, North Male Atoll near to the airport is the foremost in entertaining tourists with a big set of diving sites, drop offs and surfing points. Also, fish play and movements are abundantly spotted in North Male Atoll. Charter boats cruise through breakwaters to show the various surfing sites for the sea lovers. Let’s explore these spots virtually.

1. Manta Point
Mantas are the super-order of cartilaginous fish resembling sharks. They are rays with a peculiar body shape having diffused pectoral fins and a slit gill from the ventral part. These little fishes are good cleaning agents as they remove each and every small parasite and other particles from their neighborhood. Manta point is also called as cleaning station that is in the southeast of North Male Atoll.

2. Banana Reef
This popular reef is a reserve of caves with glass fish and soft corals. Several kinds of sea fish such as angel fish, eagle rays, puffers and others splash in this banana-shaped reef.

Octopus and several kinds of sharks also roam freely in this atoll. Only diving experts can explore this pelagic world as too much caution is required. November-May is considered as the best season for diving as currents may develop producing crystal-clear water.

Surfing sites:

Surfing site: Image credit: By Ibrahim Asad's PHotography , CC-BY via flickr
1. Chickens : It is situated near the uninhabited island Villingilimathi Huraa. Amazing wave formations can be surfed here during high tides.

2. Pasta Point : This consistent break amuses the surfers by transforming small waves into a big swell.

3. Jailbreak : The fastest wave formation with long walls and volume is observed in this break point.

4. Sultans: High peak takeoff waves are spotted in this point lying near to the Tari Village Resort.

5. Male Island Point: A dry reef makes Male Island Point, a unique surfing point.

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