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The magnificent Munnar hill station in Kerala tours, India

Munnar Image credit:By  Vinoth Chandar, CC-BY via flickr

The verdant hills and evergreen forests of Munnar in Western Ghats are what make it the crown of God’s own country, Kerala. The gateway of Munnar itself gifts the sightseer with bright green blue hues of hills with fogs crisscrossing them. The blue bells regionally called as Neelakurinji that blossom once in 12 years also attract many tourists with their purplish blue color.

Munnar is a hill station on the Western Ghats, situated in the Idukki district of the Indian state of Kerala. Munnar, that means ‘three rivers’ got its name from its geographic location on the confluence of the three rivers Muthirapuzha, Nallathanni and Kundaly. Munnar town is situated in Kannan Devan Hills Village in Devikulam Taluk. Some of the prime tourist spots of Munnar are:

1.      Rajamala

Situated at a distance of 15km from Munnar, this royal mountain is a rolling hills plateau in the high ranges of Eravikulam National Park. It is famous for the wild endangered species of goat Nilgiri Tahr(Varaiaadu in Tamil) that is found abundant here. Its special ability to jump up the hills within a moment also adds to the richness of Rajamala. 

This mountain is also ideal for trekking and the surrounding panorama with mists passing through inspires the move.

2.       Anamudi peak

It is the highest peak in the Western Ghats and also in South India at a height of about 2,695m (8,842 ft) from the sea level. The trekking in Rajamala takes you to the summit Anamudi where clouds and fogs encircle the hills nearby.

3.       Echo point

This point presents the cool, natural beauty of Munnar on the way to Top Station. This point got its name for the natural echo phenomenon observed here.

4.       Photo point

As the name tells, this point arranges a lovely setting for taking photos with the green thick slopes of tea garden on the way to Mattupetti dam.

5.       Mattupetti dam

This storage gravity dam is situated in a brilliant backdrop of greenwoods at a distance of about 13km from Munnar. The 10 minutes speed boat ride in this reservoir takes you to the lap of nature’s glory. This natural spot is the camping place of wild elephants too.

6.       Kundala dam and lake

This is another striking spot that provides several boating opportunities for the tourists amid lush green forests. Kundala Lake gets thronged with visitors during peak seasons that is situated at a distance of about 20km.
Kundala dam Image credit: By Prateek Rungta, CC-BY via flickr

7.       Rose garden

This garden is a treasure of several varieties of flowers in Mattupetti. The arrangement of flower plants is so commendable that visitors hesitate to leave the garden at once. 

8.       Pothamedu View Point

This point gives a classic view of the mist clad mountains, tea and cardamom plantations and sunset at a distance of about 3km from Munnar. 

The perfect time to visit Munnar is from December to March. There are several other historically prominent places and waterfalls to explore in this heaven. Step into this nature’s paradise these holidays and experience the charm of nature in the Western Ghats!!                                                                                                                                                          

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