Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Warli designer plate

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During the summer vacation, my kid had attended a summer workshop of art & crafts. There was a demo on the making of three crafts; Warli designer plate, Name plate and Photo frame. The teacher showed the kids how to design a thermocol plate with the Indian tribal art Warli Painting. Kids were inquisitive about the design as painting on the plate symmetrically is way far out to reach for them.

Warli painting is a rudimentary art form with a basic graphic representation using circles, squares and triangles. This plate has the design of a man playing a trumpet accompanied by dancing girls.

The teacher taught kids how to color the plate first. Then she located the position and helped them in designing the pictures. By fixing a tape, this Warli designer plate can be used as a wall hanging also.

Do you like this Warli designer plate?

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