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Tourist attractions of Laamu Atoll of Maldives

Laamu atoll  Image credit: By Badruddeen CC-BY, via flickr

This administrative division of Maldives is also a drift diving site for adventure lovers. Surrounded by barrier reefs, Laamu Atoll also called as Haddumati Atoll has deep channels of wonderful marine life. Many sharks and rays float around the reef hunting for smaller fish food in the wild currents. Some of the diving sites of Laamu Atoll are:

1. Fushi Kandu
This shallow channel extends upto 250 km that is often traversed by white tip sharks and eagle rays.

2. Maamendhoo Giri
Parrotfish and butterfly fishes gliding past the coral reefs and turtles gathering are the common sights of this diving site.

3. Munnafushee Kandu
Lying on the open side of the ocean, this site also brings glimpses of sharks and rays for the drift diver.

Many of the underwater mysteries of Laamu Atoll need to be explored; though this task is challenging, it can be rewarding too. The surfing sites of Laamu Atoll are not as much popular as that of North Male Atoll. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Langon Bank:
This break point showcases a right hander wave that blows out from a big swell.

2. Ying Yang:
This consistent break water starts out with a nice wall gently before throwing out into a long thick inside section.


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