Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The heart shaped Addu atoll in Maldives

Addu atoll: Image credit: Addu atoll, by ╚ DD╔ ,CC-BY via flickr

The extreme South of Maldives is where Addu atoll lies surrounded by barrier reefs. Palm trees fringing the blue turquoise sea and snow white sands describe the beauty of Addu Atoll. This is the only atoll whose islands are connected via causeways through which visitors can cycle from one island to another. Coral reefs protect these islands from high waves and strong currents occurring in the Indian Ocean.

Wetlands, small lakes and marshlands constitute Addu Atoll. The seabird white tern can be spotted here that is a rare sight. A rich diversity of dolphins and whales cheer the seaside also.

Gan, Addu Atoll’s largest island had a military base established by the British once. English language got spread then and this led to the adoption of Western culture in this island that is the second metropolis of Maldives.

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