Abudhabi Image credit: By Zsolt Kristaly CC-BY, via flickr
The picture of United Arab Emirates, about two decades back would etch your minds with glimpses of desert bushes and endless sand, had you visited it then. But later, the exuberant endeavors of the honorable President, Sir Sheikh Sayed, then transformed the whole desert world into lush green land of blooming flowers, date palms, luxurious homes and towering buildings.

UAE witnessed these developments in an incredible speed; may be some invisible green fingered genie would have been behind the scenes. Now, you can see that each road and avenue of UAE is luxuriously landscaped right upto the rolling seas of the Arabian Gulf.

Oil reserves in Emirates amassed a lot of wealth from which funds were set aside for this transformation. Large nurseries and agricultural research stations came into being, some with the help of foreign governments. The greenery flourished by planting millions of palms and orchards.
Without the presence of firm determination and confidence, such vast expanse in landscaping would not have been possible in a sandy desert.

The Arab natives indeed deserve felicitation for carving their country so beautiful and lovely.

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