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Madhubala; the beautiful Bollywood actress born on Valentine’s Day

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Madhubala, the Venus Queen of Indian Cinema had a sweet heart apparent from her significant birthday. Starting from childhood, Bollywood was her home till death. She enjoyed stardom and popularity when she was just 18 years old, afterwards reigning Bollywood for a longer period. When she turned 36, Madhubala died with a painful heart unlike the significance of her birthday’s greatness.

Born on 14th February 1933 in New Delhi to Muslim parents of Pathan descent, Madhubala’s original name was Mumtaz Jehan Dehlavi. Though she was born on Valentine’s Day, her heart was diagnosed to be defective that shortened her career and life. Her father, Ataullah Khan was an orthodox stubborn man, who lost his job and relocated to Mumbai along-with his eleven children. In abject poverty, Madhubala was driven to studios as a child and got selected to act in a few films.

Seeing her beauty and potential, actress Devika Rani bestowed her with the name Madhubala meaning a woman of honey. By the time she reached her teenage, Madhubala had grown up into a woman of pure white complexion, exasperatingly beautiful. Her face had such a charm and delight that she could enact any expression imparting it the right flavor. Personally, I am a true fan of her pristine beauty and captivating expressions.

Bollywood movie Mahal elevated her to stardom and since then Madhubala became the most bankable and prolific actress of Bollywood. During the movie sets of Tarana, she sent a note with a red rose to her co-star Dileep Kumar that she loves him. He acknowledged her love happily as it was the love request from a beautiful woman who was coveted by many. This gesture reveals the sheer greatness of her birthday coincidence with Valentines Day.

Her love roles with Dileep Kumar in later movies portrayed a real touch of love due to which the movies became a great success. But their deep rooted love ended due to a court case between her obsessive father and Dileep Kumar; Madhubala lost her love there. Dileep Kumar approached her home proposing marriage; but her father continued his hostility towards him and neglected him. Dileep became furious at this and left his years long sweetheart Madhubala.

Madhubala's heart condition also worsened as her love life also came to an end. But her illness did not prevent her from acting further; she continued her career for the rest of her life. She acted in more than 70 movies of which Mr. and Mrs. 55, Chalti ka naam gaadi, Mughal-e-Azam and Half Ticket are her masterpieces.

Madhubala married the famous singer and actor Kishore Kumar in 1960 with her father's consent. However, she did not have a usual married life with him; he left her in her home and came to meet her sometimes. Her illness remained a nightmare that followed her aggressively; she became pale and thin during her last days of life. Though she craved for a heart to love and live with, she died with a broken heart on 23rd February 1969.

Madhubala ~ still creates waves and drifts hearts with her dashing appearance as she moves on screen ~ the boundless beauty 

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