Thursday, July 2, 2015

Pavizhamalli or coral jasmine flowering in the night

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There was a big Pavizhamalli tree in the courtyard of my grandfather’s home in my native place. The tree’s branches were widely sprawled that bore a ton of flowers like stars in the sky. This flower has an orange spot in the middle, though the corolla is white colored. This color combination gave it the name Pavizhamalli meaning coral jasmine. They are formed in clusters of two to seven together. As it flowers in the night, we can sense its divine fragrance if we go to sleep late at night.

In Hindu mythology, Pavizhamalli is said to have appeared from the Palazhi Madhanam (churning of Milk Ocean). Sri Krishna loved this flower and had to battle with Indra to catch it. He planted it on the backyard of his wife Sathyabhama, but the flowers used to fall on her neighbor Rukmini’s yard.

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