Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Arabian jasmine flowers

Arabian jasmine flower Image credit: By
Amy West CC-BY via flickr

This species of jasmine flowers are heavily fragrant and attractive. In my native home Kerala, we had an Arabian jasmine plant grown too high bearing starry jasmines all over its branches. The reminiscence of my mother plucking and stringing them in intertwines makes me nostalgic. She would adorn her daughters’ hair with those leis every evening. 

Do you believe that this species of jasmine is native to Arabia? No.  Arabian jasmine originated in South or Southeast Asia and was introduced to Arabia by man. There it was grown plenty in gardens and jasmine flower oil got produced from them. Their scent is so pleasant that Arabian jasmine flowers have been used in the industry of perfumes. It has the scientific name ‘Jasminum sambac’ and it is the National flower of Philippeans under the name ‘Sampaguita’. 

The recognized cultivars of Arabian jasmine flowers are Maid of Orleans, Belle of India, Grand Duke of Tuskany and Mysore Mulli. They are categorized on the basis of shape of the leaves and corolla. Belle of India and Mysore Mulli would resemble each other that are found in India. 

The sensuous appeal of jasmine flowers makes a bride adorn them in the form of garlands and leis. Jasmine flowers are used for decorations in auspicious religious ceremonies thanks to their purity and heavenly fragrance.

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