Thursday, January 26, 2017

Toran/wall decoration using bangles

Toran...Image credit: Self

You may be well familiar with this craft of making Toran as it's the traditional way of decorating our homes during festivals and other special occasions. Though there are different methods of Toran crafting persist, this one that I've illustrated here was done by my kid as part of craft projects in his school.

This Toran is crafted using bangles and thread. It's a simple one which decorates walls with a vibrant color combination of bangles and threads. As bangles are made out of wide range of materials having showy hues these days, they can be a perfect choice for making a Toran/wall decoration.

First, bangles got covered by tying up with the thread. Thick embroidery thread is chosen for doing this. Then they are interconnected to each other by means of a long, thin thread that we use for sewing. Putting knots after each bangle is tied properly to get a firm hold, the Toran becomes ready to decorate the walls.

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