Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, Mumbai

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Mumbai, the commercial capital of India has been the venue for several cultural programs of the country since years. Of them, Kala Ghoda Arts Festival is the most prominent that is being held for about 10 days in the historic precinct, Kala Ghoda Art District of South Mumbai. This year, the festival commenced on Feb 4th and lasted till 12th. It is a rendezvous of several cultures with their communities through a harmony of art.
Experts from several bailiwicks showcase their talent in the forefront of this festival. Poets, painters, dancers, musicians and craftsmen together create a superlative aesthetic ambience amidst the din and bustle of the city. Art lovers from all parts of the country visit to see the extraordinary pulse created by Kala Ghoda Arts Festival. 
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The Literature Section has book launches, discussions and workshops with popular authors. Music and dance performances range from the classical to contemporary and from Indian folk to International.  Theater shows include cinema also in this gorgeous arts festival. The culinary zone is a great repertoire of several popular chefs who deliver live food demonstrations on diverse cuisines.  Heritage walk organized in the festival imparts an insight into the big city's heritage also.
It may be a carnival for some people with some funny mime shows, open air performances, street food and pavement art. With new additions year after year, the festival is emerging to be a grand event deserving International attention.

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