Sunday, February 5, 2017

Wood restoration and recycling saving energy

Image credit: By Ricardo CC_BY via flickr
My grandfather was a man who always looked for strong, quality goods whatever may be their cost. He built his big home procuring high quality teak woods and other materials. Even today also, that home stands tantalizingly in my native place in its old pride and strength with very less maintenance. My father asks us, “Can you get such kind of wood today for the money you spend?” Can be, but according to him rarely only you can get such pure hard wooden trunks for use in your home. He meant to say that restore your olden wood materials by varnishing and painting. They will be durable for generations and generations to come.
I remember, during vacations, that home’s grandchildren (me too) would play climbing the wooden staircase up and down. Some of them used to make loud thuds, bang and climb applying much force on the steps. But now too, that staircase stands so strong with not even a single scratch.
Restoring your old furniture and other things made of quality wood would be a reasonable idea. You can restore them using either the following three methods:
Grease and dust that have accumulated your wooden material should be removed and then polished to give a new look.
The last finish given to the material or the outer layer should be stripped off and given a new finish.
Damaged parts of the structure such as a broken handle of the door or an unleveled drawer of the table or a shaky leg of the settee should be replaced with a new one without changing the other parts.

Restoration is another form of recycling that won’t make use of new materials. Also, you’re showing respect to your forefathers by giving value to those age old goods. Remember the quote, “Reduce, reuse and recycle” to save energy thereby making our mother earth green.

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