Wednesday, June 28, 2017

All-time trends of fashion industry

Image credit:By PIX Fav CC-BY via flickr
Fashion is contemporary and some people have more interest in the new styles of clothing and jewelry. Changing lives with changes in fashion has always been an essential part for so many people and they consider it as a privilege. Staying on top of fashion is definitely tough, but for those who are rich can afford to such changes and fashion goes with them on.  However, some styles of clothing are all time trends and they are preferred by many. Let’s have a glimpse of some of them that have captured the minds of us.
Plain stuffs
Plain white color is an all time favorite for everyone as it goes with any tee-shirt or a top with jeans or a top with a midi.  These stuffs still maintain their simplicity and fashion by giving a sober look that is decent.  Plain stuffs can even conquer hearts of those who may always look for vibrant colors and colored prints.  Plaids also look stylish with plain colors and go with all age groups.
Painted works
Some dresses have got fabric paints in them. If you are a drawing artist, you can choose the color combo for your dress and get them painted in the manner you want. This gives an opportunity for you to get your desired color combination instead of going for those blurred or faded colors.  Painted works in sarees or chudidars that are worn in Asia give a royal look but are very costly.
Patch worked jeans also have always won the minds of people. What is great about patchwork is even when you stand among crowds, you will seem outstanding.  Wearing a leather or suede jacket and patchwork jeans as a combination looks great and trendy like pairing the jeans with a plain tee-shirt.

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