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Historic tourist spots of Munnar with Westwood Riverside Garden Resort in Kerala

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My earlier post discusses the important natural attractions of Munnar in its vicinity. But there are some mind-blowing sites that have acquired historical prominence in this bounty of nature. These untouched, rustic spots still preserve the old world charm. Let’s have a look at them.

  1. Sitadevi Lake, Devikulam
This divine lake amidst luscious scenery filled with twitters of songbirds is believed to be sacred with curative powers. It is said that Goddess Sita, wife of Lord Rama took bath in it when she stayed in the nearby forests. Visitors drink water from this lake to get cured if they’ve some kind of illness.
  1. Pallivasal
Pallivasal dam and waterfalls attract many tourists situated at about 10km from Munnar. It is the first hydroelectric project in Kerala.
  1. Chithirapuram
This quaint countryside near to Pallivasal still possesses the ambience of colonial period. Old cottages and mansions surrounded by green forests and tea plantations is what Chithirapuram is all about.
4. Chinnakanal
Situated at a distance of about 18km from Munnar, Chinnakanal anchors several hotels and tea estates. The view of Munnar tea plantations and the entire horizon is best caught from this point of interest. The major attraction is the waterfalls located here.
  1. Tata tea museum
Distant about 12km from Munnar, this museum has a collection of antiques related to tea processing that are a century-old. Visitors can taste different variety of tea and tea processing with CTC and orthodox manufacturing units can be studied here.
  1. Anayirangal dam
    Anayirangal dam: Image
This is a hill station about 22 km from Munnar. Perhaps, it arranges the exclusive panorama that a nature lover wishes for.
  1. Kolukkumalai tea estate
This tea estate and factory is regarded as the world’s highest reputed one as it is situated at about 8000 feet above the sea level. A ridge anchors this factory that is situated at a distance of about 35km from Munnar.

8. Top Station
            It is the topmost point of Munnar. Top Station was the transshipment location for delivering the tea  processed from Munnar to Kottagudi through railway and rope way down. When blue bells (Neelakurinji) blossom, this point gets teemed with many of its bunches that make people to call it “Neelakurinjimala” in regional language, Malayalam.

 Abounded with natural spots of historical prominence and other attractions, Munnar occupies a      dignified place among the tourist spots of Kerala.

Westwood Riverside Garden Resort
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In 2002 December, our trip to Munnar was organized with a stay in Westwood Riverside Garden Resort facing a lake. It was indeed a pleasant stay because of its location in a colorful and charming ambience.  The room service and the food served from the restaurant were too good. Munnar holidays give me a delightful memoir together with the warmth of the stay in Westwood Riverside Garden Resort.

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