Friday, December 26, 2014

Priya sisters' vocal concert in Margazhi Utsavam, Jaya TV, 2014

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Thursday's telecast schedule in Margazhi Utsavam was that of Priya Sisters' vocal concert in Jaya TV. As usual, their melodic, refined and coordinated rendition was lulling to the ears and fairly appealing to the eyes. They had chosen the theme 'Rama Raghava' for this concert of Margazhi Utsavam.

'Brocheva revare' in Sriranjani raga composed by Sri Thyagaraja initiated the songs sequence. Which other song can fit in the first place other than this illustrious song by Sri Thyagaraja who eloquently worships Sri Rama?

Sri Thyagaraja then urges Sri Rama to deign to partake the food(Naivedyam) prepared by him in the song 'Aragimpave' tuned in Thodi raga. Priya sisters' singing style really reflected the aura of this song.

'Eppadi manam' in raga Husaini followed next that revealed the pain of Sita while parting Sri Rama to the forest. Sri Rama's life stories are not complete with this mellifluous song by Sri Arunachala Kaviar. Jaya TV ended the concert with their song 'Saga varam arulvai' by Sri Subrahmania Bharathiar in the raga Varamu, though there were a few songs that followed this one actually. Watching Priya sisters performing vocal concerts in Jaya TV's platform is a delightful treat for the spectators.

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