Friday, May 15, 2015

Kudremukh peak in Karnataka

Kudremukh Image credit: By Naveen, public domain

Kudremukh regionally means ‘horse-face’ and this peak got this name because of the resemblance of a mountain to the face of a horse in its plateau. It is said to be a veritable paradise for trekkers as the leech-infested shola forests diffused with rivers and grassy slopes really arrange a charming environment. Near to Chikmagalur town, Kudremukh peak range overlooks the Arabian Sea.

The Lakya Dam located near the Kudremukh Project is a fascinating spot for sight-seeing. Gangamoola in Bhagawathi forest creates another visual treat of three rivers originating from there anchoring a temple. The awesome Hanuman Gundi waterfall outpours deep inside this forest.

Kudremukh National Park is well-known for its wildlife. Many endangered species of birds and reptiles are found here. The highly threatened lion tailed macaque monkey survives here because of the favorable habitat that exists here.

With a plethora of flowering plants, birds and butterflies of a variety of species, Kudremukh is a wonderful retreat for the wayfarer in high ranges.

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